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    E-mail fraud attempts - continued

    Rotterdam, May 31 - Seeing the recent increase in fraud attempts with faked e-mail addresses, we recommend all our business relations to make sure of the following:

    • Verify that your email provider utilizes and enforces techniques that can prevent abuse and fraud, such as SPF, DKIM and DMARC. Contact your email provider or your IT department to check if they support this. Steinweg applies these techniques to ensure email is sent from authorized servers only, but this needs to be supported on your end to be effective.

    • We would encourage you to publish your own SPF, DKIM and DMARC records so other parties, including Steinweg, are able to verify and authenticate emails sent from your domain. Contact your email provider or IT department to arrange this.

    • Always ensure emails are sent from the correct email address of a Steinweg representative you normally deal with. Do take careful note of the correct spelling of the address, especially the second half of the address starting with “@”. For example, an imposter might be using an address that looks similar to but is not identical to “”. In the recent past we have encountered attempts to use fraudulent domains with a single changed letter. See also our earlier newsflash about this topic (link)

    In case you receive messages which raise doubts, please double check this with us, your local account manager, your local Steinweg office or